Here’s the Entire Prologue for the First Story

February 16th, 2010

If you sit quietly and listen
You will find that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings
Can be heard
Keeping your attention on the marvel
You will find that you can hear the butterfly sip nectar

The butterfly doesn’t mind that you listen or watch
She, in fact, likes it a lot
And when you are caught
Don’t be surprised if she dances around you
Just out of arms reach
Showing you her lovely markings
Capturing you in her spell

It is said that if you whisper to her your wish
She will take it with her in flight
Bringing your wish to the highest authority
And sometimes it makes it all the way
To be heard
…and it happens
It is the wishes that are for the benefit of all
That seem to come true…

It just so happens that yesterday one butterfly did play in such a way
She had one set of satin black wings
and another set of deep azure blue wings
The second set were speckled with tiny white dots

She hovered over the small red bells that were speckling a green thorny bush
Sipping nectar from the flowers – first one then another – very rapidly
And when she saw me there watching and listening intently
She showed me how easy it was to fly

She circled teasingly around my head
As if she was creating a crown of flowers for me to wear
Then she returned to her task
But seeing that I was still fascinated with her
She again came to me

I whispered my wish to her
I spoke of the wonders that could be on our world
And of the land that wasn’t safe
Imagine I said to her
Imagine how it could be

She went off to complete her task
I went my merry way
Never thinking to tell another about the encounter
With the beautiful butterfly…


© Copyright 2010

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  1. Patty

    Terrific work!

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