Here’s Chapter One of Kya’s Story Titled “The Departure”

August 23rd, 2010

“Come on, hurry!”

“Yes, yes” Kya said as she was running with one slipper-like shoe on and the other one in her hand, her long golden-brown hair flying in all directions as she descended the stairs.  She looked at the white stonework as she ran quickly by, thinking of her years of training with fondness while she mentally examined the routine she was shortly going to use.  Exhilarated and slightly breathless, nothing could take the smile off her face.

“You have the necessary supplies to get there,” the Marm said, her big brown eyes very concerned as she spoke the half fact, half question.  The Marm was gasping for air while running right alongside Kya.  She wasn’t young anymore which made keeping up difficult.

“I have everything, Marm” Kya replied breathlessly through her never-ending smile while she skipped a step to slip on her shoe.  Getting her stride back, she then reached up with a clasp to capture her unmanageable hair.

“Do you have your notes, your journal?,” the Marm said while looking at just how beautiful Kya was with her rosy cheeks, fine features and admiring the contrast of tan skin with light turquoise dress.  The Marm felt as if she was looking at a princess because Kya was so lovely.

“All is in order, Marm” Kya said, sounding as if she was totally sure of herself while she was running down the final set of stairs.  Looking at her, no one would guess that she had some slight qualms about going on her first mission.  In only a moment’s time, the two arrived and it was nearing the departure.  Kya was simultaneously excited and nervous; a shiver ran up her spine.  She shook it off and slowed her speed down; mentally reviewing her checklist to ensure all was in order.

It was less than a week ago that she graduated at the top of her class.  Now, she rapidly looked around seeing friends and family whose eyes beamed with pride as she was nearly ready for her very first mission.  The people to see her off were standing in a half circle around the translucent, crystal-shaped stones.  The gorgeous trees filled with fragrant blossoms and the cascading ivy that surrounded the platform created a lovely counterpoint of calm serenity compared to the rushing girl and Marm.

Hectically Kya looked for Keyan, but to her surprise he had appeared right beside her totally in tune with her needs, not needing to be called.  Keyan looked awesome with his decorative mask and lightweight armor.   He stood proud in his silver gleaming harness with translucent turquoise gemstones, his shining tawny fur meticulously combed and light turquoise eyes sparkling.  He gave a slight husky meow that sounded similar to a purring growl, indicating that he was ready for action.

Kya stood tall with her hair shining like gold in the sunshine.  Her long waves of hair had been neatly captured in an ornate clip that matched Keyan’s harness colors, she was wearing an embroidered dress, carrying a small pack and wearing her orb over her left shoulder with it secured on her back.  She stood proud next to Keyan whose head was even with her hips, happy to be with him and comforted by his presence.  Keyan was looking up at his lady with loving eyes, waiting for the signal.  Both women and beast stood together taking in the scene like snapshots to reminisce about at some later date, at a time when there wasn’t such a hurry to be off.

Kya held out her hand and the most incredible butterfly flittered over to land on her palm.  The butterfly looked like such a tiny spectacular beauty with her shiny jet black large wings that fluttered slightly while the other set of wings were azure blue with white tiny polka dots that the butterfly held perfectly still.  The butterfly had such an intense personality when she looked directly at Kya with her black blazing eyes.  “So brave,” thought Kya, while she held the little wonder on her palm.

Raising the little beauty up to her eyes, Kya asked the butterfly to show her where to go.  Images bombarded Kya of the shaking land, the people that were running hectically, buildings collapsing and the fires.   Kya nearly staggered because the vision came so swiftly and powerfully.  The butterfly sent the images as she had seen them which were with rounded, faceted eyes.  Her view of the world was mainly by color, the brighter the better.  But she wasn’t just a normal butterfly, she was able to see more clearly then her ordinary cousins.  So, she showed Kya the view of a world from her perspective.  Kya understood the scenes perfectly although the images showed the people as giants and the brighter colored objects tended to outshine the ordinary colors.  Scene by scene she showed Kya the land, people and buildings.  Finally, Kya saw the very last scene of a woman with her baby looking directly at the butterfly while making her wish.  She was standing in a street with crumpled stone pillars surrounding her, she was holding a very young baby looking at the butterfly with imploring eyes, wishing as hard as she could to be whisked to safety with her baby and her people.

Kya said, “Little beauty, show me right before this scene,” and once again staggered as she adjusted to the sight of the butterfly.  First there was a small crack that just wandered in a crooked line across the land.  Then the land was shaking, white stones were falling from the surrounding buildings then smashing onto the terrain while more cracks appeared splitting the ground.  Another shake occurred, this one more powerful than the first and cracks splintered off of the main crack in the ground and traveled further out on both sides.  As fast as the destruction occurred, it halted.  For a while, what seemed like weeks or months from the scenes that the butterfly showed, nothing more occurred.  The butterfly showed people living daily life but then, more shaking occurred – once, twice and then the shaking did not stop.  Not only did more cracks appear but the cracks got wider, the land was moving and the buildings collapsing.

Knowing the time and place that she needed to appear, Kya brought the butterfly closer to her and whispered.  The little lady, in her very showy fashion, fluttered into the air.  Her aerial dance received a sigh from the audience as all eyes followed her.  Then she fastened herself into Kya’s golden hair like a gleaming azure blue and jet black barrette.

Keyan and Kya then stepped as one to the glasslike smooth iridescent stones that made up the staging area, while at the same time, turning their heads this way and that, nodding acknowledgement to the crowd that gathered to see them off.  Kya reached into the woven pouch that hung at her side to grab a handful of flitter and in one swift motion, while thinking of the time and place that the butterfly showed her, tossed it into the air.

The silver flitter seemed to go up then hang in the air suspended for a moment.  All eyes in the crowd were turned upward, all breathes held.  Slowly at first, then gaining momentum, the flitter showered down over the trio.  It was a beautiful sight to see.

It seemed as if there was a shimmering curtain when the silver flitter covered the lady, beast and butterfly.  The curtain of silver hung suspended, transparent but opaque at the same time, then started moving again toward the ground.  When the last tiny speck of flitter landed, the group of lady, beast and butterfly were no longer there.

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