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April 27th, 2011

I had a misconception of what a tsunami is and what it does – that is until I saw the live videos of the one that occurred in Japan after the earthquake.

You can see an actual video of a the Japan tsunami here.  It’s a wall of rapidly moving water that demolishes anything that is in its path.

I had the idea that a tsunami was a huge wave that formed after an earthquake – like tens of feet high that rushed forward for some distance and then crashed into the ground.  Also, once it stopped going forward, I thought that there was a huge undertow that occurred which pulled back with great force.

Since I saw what a tsunami does and acts like, I realized that I needed to re-write part of Kya’s story to reflect it.  It’s going to change how I get the people to where I want them to land and start their new life.

Time to put on the creative hat and come up with a real magical and marvelous twist to the story!!

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